The Kingdoms of Calix

Kingdom of Fire


+++Security Level Citrine+++
+++House Kireyev Archive, Shield of Calix+++
///Document Desc.: Report of Magos Errant Valkad Hath to Lady Zamora Kireyeva///

Having located the wreck of the vessel known as ‘the Shield of Calix’ our Enginseers have began their survey as to weather the great machine is capable of returning to the stars. Although Omniprohpet Goras is convinced this avatar of the Machine-God will return to the heavens I am not convinced. If damage to the vessel’s keel is too great it could snap in half if we try and move the vessel out of the gravity well.

Our efforts have been hampered by the primitive living within the wreckage of the ship and have claimed it for themselves. To avoid further damage to the sacred vessel it would be best if a diplomatic solution if at all possible be made. However both Factor Lynkra and the Omniprohet agree that it would be best if one your bloodline were to attend to the matter personally as the residents might react differently to those of your House than they would ‘Red-Robed metal-devil men.’

The co-operation of these ‘Kingdoms’ would be a great aid in the recovery of the ship and we request that you send someone to Uziel at once. I have attached Lynkra and Goras’ reports on the two most influential groups so that you might familiarize yourself with them enroute.

As far as we can determine the Shield of Calix had fallen to Uziel over 1000 years ago and came to rest in a valley in the planet’s northern hemisphere. The ship survived the impact (a testament to the skills of its Helmsmen, Enginseers and builders) but the destruction it caused to the surrounding valley destroyed much of the surrounding valley was near absolute. As what we have determined via archeological excavation is the destruction of the treeline and the erosion of the valley to bury most of the vessel over a milenium. The command castellum, navigators tower, and parts of the forward prow and engine sections remained unburied and are focal points for primitive activity. Unfortunately these are also the best entry points to the ship without further risk of damage.

Both before and after the landing most of the important crew (officers, tech-priests, ministorum, and arms-men) were evacuated by shuttle or salvation pod. The rest were never informed of the evacuation as to not impede the egress of others. Not all the crew survived the impact, many were trapped below decks, others killed or injured. Though we do know that shuttles did come by a pickup survivors (it features heavily in the legends of all subcultures) they saved a select few and left the system. This was likely due to the fact that the Shield of Calix was performing a rear guard action and the rest of the fleet was in retreat.

Left without the guiding presence of their betters the crew descended into barbarism and chaos. This period eventually ended with various competing factions forming into tribes and later governments. Early groups consisted entirely upon stored rations and foodstuff they soon moved on to agriculture or herd animals as their primary sources of sustenance.

In time entire primitive cultures arose with their own myths and legends, interestingly enough all subgroups think that the interior of the vessel is filled with horrible flesh eating monsters and consider it taboo. This is likely due to a population explosion of mutants feasting on the bodies of dead crew members, breeding of various hull vermin, or perhaps the descendants of those trapped below decks when the lighting failed. Regardless of the sources of these myths they have kept scavenging below decks to a minimum. Making me optimistic that many of the ships internal systems are still salvageable, at very least it will be good for parts.


Magos-Errant Hath

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The pessimist fears this to be true. + + +

The Kingdoms of Calix

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