Into the Maw

1700 XP gained

Recovered Items:
  • The Star Mirror
  • Best Quality Light Power Armor
  • 38 Sanctified Boltgun rounds
  • A Handfull of Avengian Crusade Era Doccuments (several signed by St. Drusis)
  • Several Maps of the Calix Expanse showing the progress of the Avengian Crusade
  • Records detailing the heights of the Avengian Crusade which make mention of previously unknown Kireyev involvement.
  • One Bottle of Landunder Yellow Rum
  • A small bomb squig in a stasis field

Come and be Counted

400 XP gained

Recovered Items:

A gold-inlayed black genelocked case (35×20×15cm) marked with Kireyev iconography. The interior is lined with silks and the box is antisonite plated making it impossible to detect the contents via auspex.

A archeotech laspistol marked with more archeach Kireyev iconography, thought lost with the Burden of Pride. The weapon covered in fine green enamel and white ivory, rose cut diamonds, and enameled roses and leaves. These roses that wrap the entirty of the weapon are made in exquisite enamel of pinks and dark greens highlighted by goldleaf. The pink enameled roses are studded with the rose cut diamonds which catch the light like dropletts of water on a clear morning.

The Emperor’s Bounty

500 XP gained

The Psycharus Worm

A Jewel in the Maw

First Session

Dealing with Cousin Ladochka Kireyeva 100 XP
Preventing the Chivalrous Steed from leaving Port Wander 100 XP
Defeating the Mutants of the Opener’s of Eyes 100 XP
Saving the Psyker 100 XP
Sabotaging the Psioptic Mirrors 100 XP

Total 500 XP

Recovered Items:

  • One unsanctioned Psyker (turned over to Witch Finder Rykhuss)
  • Eight Psioptic Ether Regulators

The Dark Frontier

First Session
Not dying horribly in the warp 100 XP
Gaining the support of the survivors 100 XP
Gaining the support of the faithful 100 XP

Recovered Items:

  • One Warp Torpedo warhead.

Second Session
Getting to the installation 100 XP
Defeating the guardian of glass 100 XP
Defeating the Bone Warden 100 XP
Destroying the installation 100 XP

Other rewards
Gaining the allegiance of Free Captain Lyse +3 profit factor
Gaining the survivors as a captive labour force +300 Objective points to endeavours requiring massive amounts of labour.

Jewel in the Expanse:

second session
Destroying Fell’s forces in orbit 200 XP
Finding the Astronomic array 100 XP
Infiltrating Fell’s camp 100 XP

Third Session
Taking out the gun emplacement 100 XP
Destroying the daemon host 100 XP
Lighting Fell’s head on fire 100 XP
Containing the Shadow Creature 100 XP
Turning the missing psykers over to Rykhuss 100 XP

Recovered Items:
Sanctified Egarian Shard Glave
Egarian Warrior-Priest Mask (now fused to frank’s face)
The sarcophagi of 5 Warrior-Priests of the Egarian Dominion: +3 Profit factor
Informing the Adeptus Astropathica that their relay facility is useless: (their thanks and promises of future support)


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