The Magoros System


A dying star which has become unstable, releasing periodic blasts of radiation which last for half and hour or more, these radiation bursts obscure any augurys performed durring this time. The radiation poses a significant danger to those outside of a ship or protective gear.

Magoros Minor

A small, mercery like world tidally locked to the star. The star facing side is a molten and irradiated waste where no life exists and none could. The far side of Magoros Minor is a frozen wasteland and is largely unsurvayed.

Magoros Primarus

Formally a gardenworld, this planet once supported a hive of an unknonwn Xeno speicies. Though the crystal towers and mazes which feature strongly in its construction indicate one of several possible alien races. Due to ouside interfearence, the skies of this world are constantly choaked with ionic storms of emence magnatude which seem to center on the largest remaining crystal tower in the alien ruins. This final tower was part of an alien observatory which has remained marginally functional through the year.

Magoros Primarus is populated by a few thousand feral orkoids which have managed to survive in its harsh environment.

Magoros Secundus

A moon orbiting the gas giant of Magoros Majoris, Magoros Secundus once supported a jungle climent but is now a dead biosphere as it has frozen over completely. A massive alien power array either gathers or generates power and beams it to the observatory on Magoros Primarus.

Shard Halo

A halo of ice and rock surrounds the Magoros system ouside the orbit of Magoros Majoris. The Righteous Path lies wrecked on an asteriod within the Shard Halo.


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