Kireyev Dynasty

The Kireyev Dynasty


The History of the Kireyev Dynasty is largely incomplete due to the Inquisition sealing or censoring many historical records relating to the Dynasty after the Aquairee Expedition disappeared. Nobody outside the Inquisition knows why this happened, some say it was a last request to forgive the Dynasty of past sins, others insist that it was a defensive measure in order to protect the house from retribution from Aqairee’s enemies.

Most of the accounts of Kireyev history come from oral accounts and recollections recorded by dynasty members after the purge had finished. As such they are often conflicting or inconsistent and rumor and myth at the time were often wrapped up with historical fact. With each passing generation the deeds and actions of the Kireyev became known to only a few. Judging from what holdings remain of the Dynasty it was once great and powerful but is now a shadow of its former self. Great manors and holdings which have not been sold off piecemeal show a great deal of wealth and class despite the years passed and dwindling upkeep.

Early History

The Kireyev Warrant of Trade dates back to the founding of the Imperium of Man and the Emperors crusade to unite the stars. Copies of the document brought from Holy Terra make mention of the document being given as a token of good faith to secure the allegiance of the House of Kireyev to the Imperium of Man. This seems to hint at the Imperium needing to bribe the House in order to secure its loyalty or influence. This stands in stark contrast to the tails told of the Dynasties founder, Vasillie Kireyev ,in which he is lionized as a loyal son of the Empire. What is consistent is that those tails of his triumphs often revolve around cunning and political guile rather than skill at arms. And always involve making a gain for the Dynasty as much as for the Imperium.

What is also known is that the Dynasty originates from Vostroya, which given its relationship with the Tech-Priests of Mars might also explain the Dynasty’s ancient ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is unknown why the Kireyev Dynasty left Vostroya, it might have been in order to take part in the Angevin Crusades to conquer the Calix Expanse which later became the Calixis Sector.

Angevin Crusades

About the Angevin Crusades and the Kireyev house only few things are known for certain: That the House participated, and that it did not fare well under the command of Lord Militant Angevin. Of the Heroic tales told of the Kireyev Dynasty amongst its members most are of martyrdom and heroic last stands in order to save crusade forces. Even these are likely embellished as tales of last stands seldom have survivors to pass on accurate records. Registries from Dynasty ships after the purges still contain names of ships used before and after the crusades. If these records are true than the Dynasty lost over half its forces before St. Drusus took over the crusades. Many House Scholars blame these losses as to why the Kireyev Dynasty had a smaller influence on the formation of the Calixis Sector than other Dynasties such as the Harlock Dynasty.

Aquairee Expedition

The fortunes of House Kireyev waxed and waned over the centuries until Kobras Aquairee rose to power both within the House and within the Inquisition. Records mentioning Aquairee are almost impossible to find, and most are unsure even where he fits in the Dynastic line of succession. Having both a Warrant of Trade and an Inquisitorial Rosette made him someone whose reach it was impossible to escape. What is known of Aquairee is known only though hushed second had accounts and death bed confessions of aged house members not wishing to anger the Inquisition. These records conflict often, and are largely considered unreliable as Inquisitors are seldom known to speak openly about their goals and actions. Most stories hint at Aquairee using Inquisitorial assets to remove rivals to the Warrant and some even go as far as suggesting he was behind the disappearance of his mother (and last Warrant Holder) Sophia Kireyeva.

His Expedition into the Expanse is well known as the surveys brought back by a surviving ship of the fleet comprise much of what is known today of the Koronus Expanse. The last message Aquairee gave to the Imperium was that he intended to enter an area of space known as the Rifts of Hecaton, since then nothing had been heard of his expedition until Zamora and the Adeptus Mechanicus made their own attempts to enter the Rift.

Recent History

The fortunes of the Kireyev Dynasty have not fared well since the Aquairee Expedition. Many ships were lost as part of Aquairee’s fleet and since then it is said that the Maw has developed a taste for Kireyev blood as those who venture beyond the Maw have always perished or gone missing within the Koronus Expanse. Since the disappearance of Nicodemus Kireyev (who himself became Rogue Trader when his siblings were killed in a Guncutter explosion) the line of sucession has been disputed between a number of first and second cousins. This has resulted in a 25 year limbo in which no single individual could mount a strong enough case for inheritance. When Zamora returned from her expedition with a blooded house member from 600 years in the past it quickly settled all matter of succession disputes (although the current Warrant holder has had several attempts on his life since his return).

Without a working ship remaining the Kirevey Dynasty located and raised the wreck of the Shield of Calix from the planet on which it lay on the planet Uziel since it was ‘sunk’ during a rearguard action against the Yu’vath.

Kireyev Dynasty

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