Kingdom of Fire


+++Security Level Citrine+++
+++House Kireyev Archive, Shield of Calix+++
/// Document Desc.: Report of Factor Janan Linkra to Magos-Errant Hath and Lady Zamora Kireyeva ///

On the peculiarities and history of the Kingdom of Fire,

Having burnt most of the shipboard records for head and being composed of mostly illiterate peasants, completing a report on their history was more difficult then I had originally guessed. I have spent an excess of hours in the company toothless crones and fool old men trying to distill and ounce of sense from their addled ramblings. Time that might have been spent in a far more useful manor toward the Omnissiah’s great plan. Though the task was arduous I have compiled an account of what is most likely the history of the Kingdom of Fire.

Those calling themselves the Kingdom of Fire believe themselves to be the descendents of fallen servants of the Lord of Golden Light(called ‘Fuyson’). That once they walked the heavens but in an apocalyptic battle were cast down to the surface of Urziel. They claim their God was slain in that apocalyptic battle and rests beneath the surface of Urziel, where he will one day rise and return them to prominence. They seem to think that the heat that makes their domain livable, and agriculture possible is a sign of his benevolence. Upon further investigation I discovered they believe that their God is the core of the ships Archeotech plasma drive. Although I do congratulate these primitives on finding something truly deserving of worship their beliefs are a motley of heretek practices and a bastardization of the imperial creed. Given that they built most of their village and farms on the dorsal heat exchangers it is understandable that they would have this relation with the plasma drives what they have done afterwards is not so forgivable.

Countless sacrifices, both human and animal have been thrown into the dorsal hydrogen scoop. In an effort to appease their God they have been abusing the most ancient and sacred engine of this ship! Apparently their ‘deity’ has been slowly been withdrawing his favor of warmth, and so the primitives respond with even more desecration of this holy device. Introducing more heavy elements into its fiery heart and causing it to burn cooler, and cooler.

The fact that it ran in standby mode for a thousand years is truly remarkable (especially considering the abuse it suffered). Omniprohet Goras believes this to be a true miracle of the Machine-God, I however think that it is explained by the efficiency of this ancient and powerful drive.

The Kingdom of Fire originally relied heavily on agriculture and herd animals for food, but as it grew colder they relied more heavily on herd animals and eventually turned to raiding. Though they had little luck against the Kingdom of light they rode out of the mountains against the native peoples of the lowlands on strange bird-like beasts they called Anka. Eventually a tribal war leader called a ‘Hetman’ was elected from amongst their ranks but that soon became a hereditary position. And as the Kingdom of Fire became more reliant upon raids the Hetman became more prominent to the point that the King was considered a client of the Hetman. This however is a relatively recent development, one resented by the nobility.

+ + + The Omnissiah directs our footsteps along the path of knowledge. + + +


+++Security Level Virmileon+++
+++House Kireyev Archive, Shield of Calix+++
/// Document Desc.: Report on assemilation of the Kingdom of fire by Arch-bishop Oreana Castor to Lord Captain Orwell Hack///

My Lord-Captain,

The people of the Kingdom of Fire have adapted as well as can be expected to the trials of space travel. It has taken me months but I have managed to deprogram their previous tribal faiths and convince them their their Golden Light is really the God-Emperor. And now I count the Kingdom of Light amount the most faithful of my flock, as the Creed says ‘bless the mind too small for doubt.’ They have accepted their roll in the handling of the port and starboard broadsides more readily than I had expected. This is likely due to previous tribal legends of wars in the heavens, as they now see themselves as redeemed. They have even approached Chief-Gunner Magnasson in hopes of procuring trophies from their battle against the Wolfpack raiders in the battlegrounds. Seeing as they still keep trophies of their wild raiding days it might be a good idea to humor them on this.

Being a wild-horse people at heart the people of fire enjoy drinking, fighting, gambling, and making crude sexual advantages towards women (telling them you are a chaste woman of the cloth does little to discourage them). They are fiercely loyal to each other and their King and regard their Lord-Captain with a loyalty that approaches reverence. This makes them both a stabilizing and destabilizing element. They provide a great deal of trade to the black market and the various shipboard vices. And the ship Arbiters have arrested them in relation to more drunken brawls than every other section of the crew combined. One incident of note had two naked men jousting each other with pipes atop those wretched bird-things of theirs.

Which brings me to another topic, the Anka, the giant bird things they insist that they have with them on the gun-decks. Admittedly they are useful in hauling heavy capacitors and fuses to the las-batteries they do shed feathers, I’m alergic to feathers, I want them gone. The Fire people however insist that they could ride these beast into battle in the captain’s name. Given that the People of Fire are large hulking brutes they might do well bringing war to alien or the xeno. Until they can train their Anka to fit inside a landing craft without panicking they are best served being used to bully more unruly members of the crew into submission.

For cultural reasons we should remove and female officers from the Gun Deck as the Fire People do not take orders from them well. They also put a great deal of emphasis on the types of hat people wear, saying that a grand man should wear a grand hat. And all but the outcasts of Fire people society ware some form of head ware from the fez or ushanka of the common man to the massive silk and feather turban worn by there King. Therefore all officers should be issued an appropriate hat, and the Lord-Captain must have the grandest one of all.


Arch-bishop Oreana Castor

+ + + Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun. + + +

Kingdom of Fire

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