Burden of Pride

Burden of Pride

Class: Tyrant-Class Cruiser
Commissioned: 406.M38
Lost: 784.M41
Captain: Nicodemus Kireyev (Missing – Assumed Deceased)


Constructed specifically for the Avengian Crusade along with its sister ship the Shield of Calix, both vessels were constructed at shipyards Cypra Mundi for the Kireyev Dynasty using the wealth recovered from their operations in the Calix Expanse. The purchace of a single such vessal is a rare enough event at Cypra Mundi but two such vessels is an increadibly rare extravagence. Both were constructed bespoke, to the specifications of the heads of the Kireyev Dynasty and were symbols of their great power.

Unlike the Shield of Calix which had suffered considerable misfortunes durring the crusade, the Burden of Pride went on to several major battles and even bosted that is once had St. Drusis himself onboard its decks.

After the disapearence of the Aquierre Expedition, the Burden of Pride became the flagship of the Kireyev Dynasty where it ventured into the Maw 701.M41, and was declared lost in 750.M1 as no comunication had been heard from it for 10 years.

Recently the Kireyev Dynasty discovered possible evidence that the Burden of Pride appeared in the Magoros system. While there it retreaved a the remnants of a massive crystaline alien and promptly left.

Burden of Pride

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