Shadow in the Void

Come and be Counted

The players have unloaded two whole cargo-holds of gold the first into the banks of House Krin and the second into their various assets and businesses. This leaves them at the end of their third trip with a ship packed to the gills with riches. Rogue Trader Aspice Chordia had invited the explorers to a salon held on the space station of hermitage. The invitation was delivered by their new shipmate and one of the single most annoying clerks in all of the Imperium.

After arriving at the Hermatage the party met with several different traders and heard many offers for business:

  • Investigating the Nephium Mines of Lucian’s Breath and possibly purchacing them from Aspice Chordia
  • Taking over the Breaking Yards from their squatter inhabitants and local gangs of pirates
  • Salvaging the Emperor’s Bounty in the Battleground
  • Messing with the Fel Dynasty for fun and profit.

When the explorers found that their accountant had been killed by an unknown assailant. Worse yet Hadrak Fel barged into the Explorers lodgings on the Hermitage, killed several of their arms-men and planted evidence framing them for committing a crime. The Explorers managed to clear their name, by informing Aspice Chordia of the bugs in their quarters. Fortunately for Chordia as a security measure she changed around the room reservations at the last minute. So rather than bug the suits of the more suspicious Rogue Traders she bugged the Kireyev as well as the Imperiums most annoying clerk. When they discovered that the device controlling the bugs was in Jeremiah Blitz quarters. This led to Chordia kicking fells door in and searching his chambers. This exposed his aide as a deep cover Inquisitorial asset as well as the bugs recording device. This proved that Fel planted evidence and let the Kireyev off the the dead of the Krin banker.

This also led to the Kireyev Dynasty making the decision to interfere in Fel’s ongoing endevours. Which should get interesting in the future.

Into the Maw: Third Session

The Explorers manage to fly a guncutter through the storm wracked skies of Magoros Prime and landed on the outskirts of a ruined alien hive. This hive-city was made of slender crystalline towers and strange mazes of the same crystalline material which refracted light in strange rainbow patterns like oil on clear water. Things did not go as planned when the party discovered the bodies of several House Fell arms-men who were killed in an ambush. Unfortunately for the explorers they fell into the same ambush and had to fight off a horde of feral gretchen, an orkoid subrace.

Proceeding further into the ruin the party discovered that Fell’s forces led by Lady Ash were trapped in a ruined building being attacked by waves of orks. Using this as a distraction they slipped past the main orkish force and into their camp, where they had managed to further decieve and distract the orks gaining them access to the central tower. It was hear that Stonis was the first to discover the Star Mirror, an alien device which crammed his head with thousands of years of recorded steller cartography. Though this had a negative effect on his sanity it did allow him to learn the location of the Righteous Path and what fate befell the Magoros sector.

After a daring escape to their guncutter(after which they found an ork Choppa embedded in the side of the craft) they returned to the Shield of Calix. And using their knowledge of the area located where Fell’s ship was hiding and brought the fight to him before he could locate the treasure aboard the Righteous Path. The battle was first going against the Shield of Calix, with the Fell Hand using its superior maneuverability to its advantage. But after Zamora managed to score devastating lance strike on the fell hand (spiting its hull in two places and lighting its lower decks ablaze) it withdrew from the system.

This left the explorers to find and loot the Righteous Path, an endeavor which nearly killed Stonis as he was buried in an avalanche of gold when the cargo bays were opened.

Into the Maw: Second Session

The explorers of the Kireyev Dynasty made the trek through the Maw. Which was largely uneventful save for the rescue of a ship full of stranded pilgrims and the defeat of a small flotilla of pirate ships. Three the pirate raiders were laying in ambush for the Shield of Calix to rescue the pilgrim ship. Sadly for them the cruiser and it’s crew proved too much for the pirates and one ship was hulked another was captured and the last experienced engine troubles causing it to flee the battle at top speed. The ship which had been boarded had been the leader of the three pirates and their captain had been taken prisoner.

Upon arriving in footfall arrangements were made with the adeptus mechanicus in their nearby research facility were contracted to repair the captured raider. While the Lord Captain went aboard footfall to claim a bounty on the head of the pirate captain from the agents of Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh. Unfortunately the Admiral was not their in person to great the explorers but perhaps their path’s will cross in the future.

The explorers later set off for Magoros and after conducting a brief augury of the system investigated alien ruins of Magoros Secundus reveiling an alien device beaming power to point on Magoros Primaris.

Into the Maw: First Session

The members and retinue of the Kireyev Dynasty set foot in port Wanderer in order to stock up on supplies for their expedition into the Maw and to the Koronus Expanse beyond. Unfortunately Greg and Shane were not able to make it to this session so their characters were kept busy. It seems when completing the paperwork necessary to return Greg from death in absentia a scribe had sent the wrong form to Port Wanderer. Instead of a 543-76-Theata-A form (Reinstating deceased individual due to Warp transitional absence) he filled out form 543-76-Beta-A (Reinstating deceased individual due to miraculous resurrection). This caused a bit of an uproar on Port Wanderer when they heard he was going to arrive, several Administratum adepts and local clergy lobbied to have him Canonized, the Arch-Bishop going so far as to declare him a Beatus. This started a religious revival before the arrival of the Explorers on the station, including the Arch-Bishop calling for an auto-de-fe in preparation for the arrival of an individual who is sure to be the Calixis Sector’s next living Saint. Needless to say both Greg spent the entire stay at Port Wanderer pushing through throngs of crying admirers asking for blessings, and Shane spent the whole stay sending Astropathic messages to the surrounding Shrine worlds in order to clear this misunderstanding up.

While Greg and Shane were busy Kelly, Frank and Jeff followed up on a message received earlier in House Kireyev’s secret ciphers, agreeing to meet the sender in the Courts of the Dead. There they met an agent who said his Name was Orbas Drey, who claimed to have been an agent working for the last Warrant holder of House Kireyev. There he handed Kelly a Genelocked case which could only be opened by one of the Kireyev bloodline, the case contained a strange black stone that Jeff recognized as an psychic map. Unfortunately they did not have long to admire it before a falcon swooped down from above and nearly flew off with the stone. Fortunately, Jeff is a sound shot with a bolt pistol and felled the feathered thief before it flew off with the precious stone. It was at this point that the party was assailed by several Arms-men of an unknown dynasty, as fighting broke out the crowds of people in the courtyard panicked running every which way to escape the violence. Kelly managed to grab the stone and slip away thanks to a chameleoline cloak she was wearing. Several arms-men chasing her were not aware of this and through that she had hidden under the dress of a large, matronly woman carrying canisters of compressed gas to market. The woman did not take kindly to the arm-men’s attempts to search for Kelly and she beat them about the head with one of the canisters, two of them will require stitches and one of them will see the word Argon whenever he looks in a mirror henceforth. Jeff managed to slay several opponents with his bolt-pistol although his wrath was mostly restricted to avians and nearby fruit carts. Frank threw off his red robes in a manner worthy of a luchador proceeded to engage several of the arms-men with power axe in hand, engaging the rites of accuracy and targeting known to the red robed priests of mars he slew one of the men in a single blow. The fight was eventually broken up by Adeptus Arbities, who did not have the authority to arrest members of a Rogue Trader Dynasty or exile them from the station and so let Frank and Jeff go. Kelly chased a woman dressed in an aviator’s helmet, a corset and a dress made of purity seals away from the fight at the Court of the Dead. After she fired a few bolt rounds in her direction Kelly decided that getting back to the ship with the stone was more important than being turned into a fine red mist via boltshell.

Back at the ship the crew’s navigator managed to translate the message within the psychic map onto the hololith tanks of the Shield of Calix, revealing a distress call from a ship claiming to be the Righteous Path and being in dire distress. The SOS goes on for hours, ranging from calm to desperate and pleading promising great riches to those that rescue it from the Magoros system. Not knowing where the Magoros system is located the team first though to consult the records of the Imperial Navy but sadly House Kireyev has waned in both reputation and fortune and has not bribed a suitable number of officials of late to receive prompt redress from officials in the Imperial Navy. After seeking other sources they met Master Scrivener and Mapmaker Tobias Gould who offered to provide them the information they were looking for in exchange for them moving a collection of books off station in order to avoid the coming auto-de-fe. Master Gould also mentioned that the crew were not the only ones who had expressed interest in the Magoros system, and that if they did the job to his satisfaction he would grant tell them who it was.

Since the arrival of the Beatus Kireyev and with the pending auto-de-fe customs officials were on high alert for non-eclisearchy approved literature leaving the station. The group avoided this by purchasing tens of thousands of crates of cheap novellas (mostly romance novels) an hiding the books amongst them. They also attempted to decieve the customs officials into letting the crates by, but this only made them more suspicious, and were only stopped from searching the crates when a radiological warning was detected in the adjoining dock. The resulting debacle prevented the rearming of Rear-Admiral Yagara’s battle-cruiser the Weight of Judgement, and so thoroughly embarrassed the customs officers involved that they would be busy for months rethinking their security protocols. Master Gould was pleased and passed on to the crew the information that Lady Ash who works for Hadarak Fell of the Fell Dynasty had also inquired into the location of the Magoros system.


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