Star Mirror

Concave, Silver Dish filled with a dark fluid reflexting the night sky.


The Star Mirror is a 1.5m across concave silver dish. It appears to be filled with a dark fluid reflecting the night sky which never spills from the dish. Those that look too closely to the device can feel themselves being pulled inside.

As far as can be determined the Star-Mirror is a data-storage device with a telepathic interface. It stores thosands of years of observation from the observatory in which it was mounted. These observations show the Magoros System in great detail as well as the surounding stars (although these observations are done from lightyears away). The Telepathic interface uploads this knowledge in startling clarity to those who look within the mirror.

The process of uploading this information is not plesant or mentally-healthy to humans. It is unknown if this is due to the volume of information uploaded or if it was made for alien minds and never intended for human use.

The Star Mirror seems to be either self-powering or has exceedingly long lasting internal capacitors as it continues to function even after being removed from the observatory.


The Star Mirror was recovered from Magoros Prime by the Kireyev Dynasty, where it orignally sat in a ruined observatory. After Stonis Menall was brave enough to look inside and witnessed several interesting events including:

*The arrival and crash of The Righteous Path within the Shard Halo.
*The destruction of whatever alien civilization once called Magoros its home by a massive spherical crystaline ship surrounded by a writhing reddish-black halo of energy. The vessel itself was crippled in the attack and fragments of it drifting into the local star caused it to distabalize.
*The Burden of Pride arrived in the system and took the remnants of the crystal sphere.

Star Mirror

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