Shield of Calix

Flagship of the Kireyev Dynasty


The Shield of Calix is a Kireyev Dynasty ship though and through, built from the keel up as an icon of the House’s strength and might. Though much of the ship’s design and decor is an elegant representation of House history and wealth there hangs above that the specter of hard times. Many finer frescoes or decorations were stripped by scavengers during its time on Uziel or fell into disrepair without the money to maintain them. Despite this faded glory the ship’s resolute spirit endures, the ship has faced it’s death and will do so again without fear or hesitation. Additionally being in the gravity well of a planet seems to stir within the great vessel memories of this ancient battle granting the adamatine behemoth a superlative grace as it leaps at its helmsman’s command.

Ambition-Class Cruiser Statistics

Dimensions: 4.9 km long, 2 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 25 megatons approx.
Crew: 89,000 crew approx.
Accel: 3 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

Note, we should really have rules for the ship here.


Ship History

Early History

The Shield of Calix was commissioned alongside its sister-ship the for the Angevin Crusade to take the Calix Expanse for the Imperium from its various overlords both Xeno and Human. Though records are spotty due to Inquisitorial purges and sealing of records recently discovered records mention many of the battles it participated in, including the holding action above the World of Uziel where it was lost allowing the rest of the Dynasty fleet and several crusade vessels to escape.

On Uziel

The Shield of Calix sat forgotten on the surface of Uziel’s inhospitable north where it became home to a collection of primitive groups descended from those crew not evacuated from the ship before its fall. As generations passed technical knowledge and history fell into myth and feudal structures arose. The ruins of the mostly buried ship were controlled by the two most prominent groups, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Fire. Who grew relatively powerful by having the protection of a star-ships hull and many other scavenged trade goods at their disposal.

Return to the Void

Zamora Kireyeva discovered the location of the lost ship while searching for fragments of her Dynasties history. The Journal fragments told of the holding action above Uziel, when Rogue Trader Jad Osperox rediscovered the lost planet and the Adeptus Mechanicus moved to claim it, Zamora offered her houses political support for the annexation in exchange for helping to raise the ship.

After the ship was dug out of the earth of Uziel various arrangements had to be made with those still living in its wreck. Seeing as any refit would likely require massive amounts of labor, and the ship would still need a crew upon completion, Zamora arranged for the feudal societies of the Kingdoms to be co-opted into the command structure of the ship.

After an extensive refit at the Lathes the ship was reinstated under its original title under the command of Captain Orwell Hack.

Shield of Calix

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