Psycharus Worm, The

A dark purple crystal which formed in a strange curved pattern in clear violation of the rules of nature.


A dark purple crystal which curves and tapers to a point in a clear violation of the way crystals are formed. The Psycharus worm once glowed with a purple light but is now a dark and duller colour. This unusual object clearly derives its power from the warp, can exercise intelligence and it responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

This device is likely one of the mysterious and dangerous Halo Devices and is possibly an artifact of the Yu’vath. Its function might be to serve as a weapon or a trap. The Psycharus worm was jettisoned via salvation pod while the ship was traveling at warp.

The Worm turned up in Killian’s quarters after it was jettisoned into the warp with a meltabomb attached. The Worm bears no signs of damage and there is no indication how it got back onto the ship. Shortly after this it dragged the ship through the warp to an unknown location before spitting forth a hideous warp maggot.


Psycharus Worm, The

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