Stonis Menall

Master Helmsman of the Shield of Calix


Stonis is a man in his early to mid 30’s who bears the hallmark appearance of the true Void Born: tall and lean of build, fair complexion, and typically slightly off-balance, as if gravity were a constant annoyance. Any time he is at the helm of a ship, be it large or small, he assumes a demeanor of complete confidence and unflinching concentration as he communes with the machine spirit through his Mind Impulse Unit linkage. Away from the controls he is almost a different person entirely, becoming a somewhat brooding (almost reclusive) individual who gives the impression of being out of place in almost all situations.

XP Spent: 8400, Unspent: 0 (+200 reserved for stellar-related skills only)
Character Creation: Crusade (Lure of the Void), Skills (Dodge, Literacy, Awareness)
Characteristics (Basic): Toughness, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Agility, Perception, Willpower
Characteristics (Intermediate): Perception, Willpower, Agility
Skills: Scrutiny, Secret Tongue (Kireyev Gibberish), Tech Use, Dodge +10, Pilot (Space Craft) +10, Forbidden Lore (Pirates)
Talents: Sound Constitution x2


Master Helmsman Stonis Menall was born aboard the Oubliette of Sin prison transport, where he worked his way up from simple beginnings to the position of Helmsman when it was discovered he had a talent for the art of maneuvering the massive prison ship. When Ebran Sayo started his mutiny Stonis was forced at gunpoint to pilot the Oubliette of Sin in it’s new purpose as a pirate raider.

Setting off towards the Maw, the Oubliette of Sin committed pirate raids by posing as a crippled cargo transport until its prey was close enough to board. Ebran kept Stonis with him whenever he left the ship, partly because he enjoyed having the reluctant pirate as a witness for his depraved acts as well as insurance to stop one of his lieutenants from running off with the ship. When ‘Captain’ Ebran captured a more capable vessel he transferred his command to his new prize leaving the Oubliette of Sin under the command of his less capable lieutenant Getah Nybius and promoted himself to admiral. The command of Captain Getah was a short one as a conspiracy between the Oubliette of Sin’s Chief Enginseer and Stonis gave the captain a false report that the Imperial Navy cruiser Triumph of Drusis was a simple cargo ship returning through the Maw.

The inexperienced Captain Getah ordered a short-lived frontal assault on the ship, only to find himself outgunned and outmaneuvered by the superior military vessel. This was in no small part due to Stonis at the helm who piloted the ship in a way to both avoid macrocannon fire while never letting the Oubliette of Sin’s gunners get a clear shot off in defense. When the Oubliette of Sin was boarded and captured, Acting Captain Orwell Hack recognizing the ingenuity of their Helmsman, had Zamora pull some strings to have the punishment for piracy levied against Stonis downgraded from ‘execution by firing squad’ to ‘dishonorable discharge’. This change in sentencing came just in time for Stonis as he had just been handed his final Lho-stick by the officer in charge.

Stonis Menall

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