Shadow in the Void

Into the Maw: Third Session

The Explorers manage to fly a guncutter through the storm wracked skies of Magoros Prime and landed on the outskirts of a ruined alien hive. This hive-city was made of slender crystalline towers and strange mazes of the same crystalline material which refracted light in strange rainbow patterns like oil on clear water. Things did not go as planned when the party discovered the bodies of several House Fell arms-men who were killed in an ambush. Unfortunately for the explorers they fell into the same ambush and had to fight off a horde of feral gretchen, an orkoid subrace.

Proceeding further into the ruin the party discovered that Fell’s forces led by Lady Ash were trapped in a ruined building being attacked by waves of orks. Using this as a distraction they slipped past the main orkish force and into their camp, where they had managed to further decieve and distract the orks gaining them access to the central tower. It was hear that Stonis was the first to discover the Star Mirror, an alien device which crammed his head with thousands of years of recorded steller cartography. Though this had a negative effect on his sanity it did allow him to learn the location of the Righteous Path and what fate befell the Magoros sector.

After a daring escape to their guncutter(after which they found an ork Choppa embedded in the side of the craft) they returned to the Shield of Calix. And using their knowledge of the area located where Fell’s ship was hiding and brought the fight to him before he could locate the treasure aboard the Righteous Path. The battle was first going against the Shield of Calix, with the Fell Hand using its superior maneuverability to its advantage. But after Zamora managed to score devastating lance strike on the fell hand (spiting its hull in two places and lighting its lower decks ablaze) it withdrew from the system.

This left the explorers to find and loot the Righteous Path, an endeavor which nearly killed Stonis as he was buried in an avalanche of gold when the cargo bays were opened.



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