Shadow in the Void

Into the Maw: Second Session

The explorers of the Kireyev Dynasty made the trek through the Maw. Which was largely uneventful save for the rescue of a ship full of stranded pilgrims and the defeat of a small flotilla of pirate ships. Three the pirate raiders were laying in ambush for the Shield of Calix to rescue the pilgrim ship. Sadly for them the cruiser and it’s crew proved too much for the pirates and one ship was hulked another was captured and the last experienced engine troubles causing it to flee the battle at top speed. The ship which had been boarded had been the leader of the three pirates and their captain had been taken prisoner.

Upon arriving in footfall arrangements were made with the adeptus mechanicus in their nearby research facility were contracted to repair the captured raider. While the Lord Captain went aboard footfall to claim a bounty on the head of the pirate captain from the agents of Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh. Unfortunately the Admiral was not their in person to great the explorers but perhaps their path’s will cross in the future.

The explorers later set off for Magoros and after conducting a brief augury of the system investigated alien ruins of Magoros Secundus reveiling an alien device beaming power to point on Magoros Primaris.



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