Shadow in the Void

Come and be Counted

The players have unloaded two whole cargo-holds of gold the first into the banks of House Krin and the second into their various assets and businesses. This leaves them at the end of their third trip with a ship packed to the gills with riches. Rogue Trader Aspice Chordia had invited the explorers to a salon held on the space station of hermitage. The invitation was delivered by their new shipmate and one of the single most annoying clerks in all of the Imperium.

After arriving at the Hermatage the party met with several different traders and heard many offers for business:

  • Investigating the Nephium Mines of Lucian’s Breath and possibly purchacing them from Aspice Chordia
  • Taking over the Breaking Yards from their squatter inhabitants and local gangs of pirates
  • Salvaging the Emperor’s Bounty in the Battleground
  • Messing with the Fel Dynasty for fun and profit.

When the explorers found that their accountant had been killed by an unknown assailant. Worse yet Hadrak Fel barged into the Explorers lodgings on the Hermitage, killed several of their arms-men and planted evidence framing them for committing a crime. The Explorers managed to clear their name, by informing Aspice Chordia of the bugs in their quarters. Fortunately for Chordia as a security measure she changed around the room reservations at the last minute. So rather than bug the suits of the more suspicious Rogue Traders she bugged the Kireyev as well as the Imperiums most annoying clerk. When they discovered that the device controlling the bugs was in Jeremiah Blitz quarters. This led to Chordia kicking fells door in and searching his chambers. This exposed his aide as a deep cover Inquisitorial asset as well as the bugs recording device. This proved that Fel planted evidence and let the Kireyev off the the dead of the Krin banker.

This also led to the Kireyev Dynasty making the decision to interfere in Fel’s ongoing endevours. Which should get interesting in the future.



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